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Better Bildung, Better Europe

Bildung is the combination of the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society, and the moral and emotional maturity to both be a team player and have personal autonomy.

Bildung is also knowing your roots and being able to imagine the future.


That’s our short definition of Bildung.
Our longer definition is here.

Better Bildung, Better Europe

We live in times of great changes, which creates insecurity and an urgent need for upgrading our understanding of the world and our civic skills.

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European Bildung Network

The European Bildung Network provides a platform for citizens and organizations to actively promote Bildung and empower Europeans to imagine and create the best version of Europe for everyone.

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European Bildung Day 2020

May 8th and 9th we are going to explore Bildung and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration.


See tentative program and sign up here

Schuman Declaration

World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it.

Robert Schuman, May 9th 1950

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European Bildung Day 2019

We met on May 9th in Berlin and decided to boost Bildung in Europe. Besides generating the word cloud, we laid the foundation for the European Bildung Network.

Go to bildungday.eu and learn more about European Bildung Day 2019

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