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European Bildung Day 2020 – May 8th and 9th in Copenhagen

European Bildung Day 2020 will be May 8th and 9th in downtown Copenhagen in the historical buildings that go by the name Vartov.

Preliminary program:

  • Friday, May 8th
    Afternoon: conference opens, keynotes and discussions about Bildung
    Evening: dinner and celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration
  • Saturday, May 9th
    Morning: parallel sessions and work groups on Bildung and what kind of European network we need
    Afternoon: plenary session, conclusion and next steps

If you would like to join us for European Bildung Day 2020, please stay tuned by following www.bildungday.eu and send us an email at network@bildungday.eu

We do not have the final program yet and also do not know yet what the participants fee will be.

More information coming up…

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Round-table in Frankfurt – January 28th 2020, 18:00-20:30

Join the European Bildung Network in Frankfurt when we hold a round-table in the evening of January 28th, kindly hosted by Deutsche Bildung AG.

Stefan and Lene will be facilitating it. If you would like to join us, please send a message to network@europeanbildung.net. Wir werden Deutsch sprechen.

Preliminary program:

  •     Welcome – presentation of the European Bildung Network
  •     What do we mean when we say Bildung?
  •     Why do we need Bildung?
  •     Projects and actions - locally and with European potential
  •     How can we strengthen the European Bildung Network?
  •     Ahead: European Bildung Day on May 8th and 9th, 2020 in Copenhagen

Bildung Salon in Frankfurt

Werden Sie Teil des European Bildung Network, wenn wir am Abend des 28. Januar ein Treffen für 15 bis 20 Bildungsexperten in Frankfurt veranstalten.

Gastgeber ist die Deutsche Bildung AG. Dr. Stefan Bergheim (Fortschrittszentrum) und Dr. Lene Andersen (Nordic Bildung) werden das Gespräch auf Deutsch moderieren.

Wenn Sie dabei sein möchten, so schicken Sie uns bitte eine Nachricht an network@europeanbildung.net.

Vorläufiges Programm:

  •     Willkommen – Vorstellung des Europäischen Bildungsnetzwerks
  •     Was meinen wir mit ‚Bildung‘?
  •     Warum braucht es Bildung?
  •     Projekte und Aktionen - lokal und mit europäischem Potenzial
  •     Wie lässt sich das Europäische Bildungsnetzwerk weiter stärken?
  •     Ausblick: Europäischer Bildungstag am 8. und 9. Mai 2020 in Kopenhagen


Featured image of Frankfurt by Mathias Konrath

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Round-table in Stockholm – November 27th 2019, 13:00-16:00

Join the European Bildung Network in Stockholm when we host the first round-table on November 27th in the afternoon: 13-16h.

The venue is in Gamla Stan.

Maike and Lene will be hosting it and if you would like to join us, please send us a message at network@europeanbildung.net - vi pratar svenska.

Preliminary program:


  • Welcome
  • Who are we and which institutions do we represent around the table?
  • What do we mean when we say Bildung / bildning?
  • Why Bildung?
  • Projects and actions - locally and with European potential
  • The European Bildung Network - How do we create Better Bildung, Better Europe together and how would you like us to move forward together?
  • European Bildung Day 2020 in Copenhagen


When you have signed up we will send you more detailed information.

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Jon Flobrant

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Creating the European Bildung Network in Copenhagen

Maike van den Boom (Stockholm), Christian Welzel (Lüneburg), Joachim Juul Vædele (Copenhagen), Per Paludan Hansen (Copenhagen), Stefan Bergheim (Frankfurt), Mette Hvid Brockmann (Copenhagen), and Lene Rachel Andersen (Copenhagen) met on August 19th and 20th in Copenhagen in order to find out how to proceed after the first European Bildung Day (Berlin on May 9th).

We decided to organize ourselves as a network, with the two think tanks Nordic Bildung and Fortschrittzentrum as the main legal entities and organizers.

The two days were very fruitful, we laughed a lot--and entirely forgot to take a picture of ourselves while we were still all present. Hence the portraits...

Featured image by Tom Juggins
Tom Juggins