Who are we?

Core working group

We are responsible for the network, the website, for organizing European Bildung Day, and for assisting our local hosts in organizing and carrying out local round-tables.

Lene Rachel Andersen

Initiator of European Bildung Day, co-founder of the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung and full member of the Club of Rome.

Mette Hvid Brockmann

Co-founder, chairman and director of the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung.

Dr. Stefan Bergheim

Founder and director of the Center for Societal Progress / Fortschrittszentrum in Frankfurt.

Maike van den Boom

Best-selling German author who lives in Stockholm where she explores why the Scandinavians are so happy.

Extended working group

We are involved in organizing European Bildung Day and assist the core working group.

Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel

Chair in Political Culture Research, Leuphana University, Vice-President, World Values Survey Association.

Esli Verheggen

An educational consultant for De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam.

Michiel Tolman

Co-founder of De Bildung Academie and currently the director.

Nadja Taranczewski

A psychologist and Master Certified Coach, CEO of Conscious U*.

Joachim Juul Vædele

Managing director of Grundtvig Forum in Copenhagen.

Tomas Björkman

Tomas is a social entrepreneur and an author; he used to be an entreprenreur in financial services, media, property development, and banking.


We have hosted one or more round-tables and are the local representatives of the European Bildung Network.

Anja Hofmann

Frankfurt - owner at Deutsche Bildung

Maike van den Boom

Stockholm - owner at maikevandenboom.de

Erika Tanos

Stockholm - owner at Curiosity Shop AB

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